Avocado Mattress Black Friday Sale 2018 -Ending Soon

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Avocado green mattresses are the best mattress with completely natural materials in it. It is handmade and is very popular in California for its natural, organic and non-toxic materials. The Avocado mattress is the most popular for its incredible features as well as the affordable price of every size available. The price of Avocado mattress seems to be quite reasonable due to its incredible features but it can be available at the lowest price in the winter sales or mostly called as Black Friday sales.

Avocado Mattress black friday

You can get all the details about the avocado mattress in the official website avocadogreenmattress.com that has all the features and the sizes available in the avocado mattresses. You can also shop the required avocado mattress as well as get the offers details on the Black Friday mattress sales.

Avocado Mattress black friday sale is getting better every year. Unfortunately, this sale is going to end in just a few hours.

Construction and benefits of Avocado mattress

            The avocado green mattress is the natural pocketed coil mattress made up of natural latex and no toxic materials involved in it. This is made up of 3layers and can be purchased with the option of an additional pillow top that is also completely natural without any toxic materials in it. There are 3 layers present in the Avocado green mattress and each of them has significant features.

  • Comfort layer: – The comfort layer of Avocado green mattress is made up of natural Dunlop latex. It sustains and absorbs the moisture from the sleeper’s body and leaves it to the surroundings for thermal balance and temperature regulation. This layer provides comfort as well as responsiveness to the mattress.
  • Transition layer: – This layer of Avocado green mattress is also made up of Dunlop latex which provides both support as well as the transition to the mattress acting on every pressure points of the body for pain and stress relief. It also provides a transition between the comfort layer and the support layer.
  • Foundation layer: – The 8” pocketed innerspring coils of foundation layer provides edge and underlying support to the mattress giving some contour and bounce to the sleeper’s body. This is specially designed to provide support and maintain the spine alignment throughout the night time to give a restful sleep.
  • Cover: – Avocado green mattress has organic cotton and the Joma wool that is thin, soft and breathable.  The air flow from the cover to the layers helps the mattress to be refreshed and gives a luxurious feel while sleeping.

The avocado mattress on Black Friday

Black Friday mattress sales that are well known for its incredible discount offers and exciting prizes has Avocado mattress on the front row. You can visit the official website of the Avocado mattress and shop for it or you can get a direct notification after signing up to the website. You can also see some exciting offers on Avocado green mattress in the Black Friday mattress sales website and online stores that has all the mattresses and the exciting offers using coupon codes and instant discount offers that can save your vacation expenses to a large extent. Black Friday mattress sale is the best option to buy any premium mattress and Avocado mattress can be purchased with a much lowest price that cannot be seen in any retail store or online store in any seasons.

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