(Just Started) Layla Mattress Black Friday Sale 2018

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Layla mattresses are the most popular mattress in the market for mattresses where it withstands with its incredible features and reasonable price. It has been the pioneer among all other companies of the mattress in every season.  Layla mattress also leads the market in winter sales or end of year sales that are well known for its lowest price and exciting discount offers and is often called as Black Friday mattress sales.

Layla mattress black friday sale and deals of 2018 are back with unbeatable offers and discounts.

Black Friday mattress sale comes after the Thanksgiving sales in the United States and is considered as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. The entire market brings the mattresses to their showcase with extreme discount offers and exciting prizes. Layla mattress leads the winter sales due to its extravagant features and a long line up of customers.


layla mattress black friday

Features of Layla mattress

Layla mattress comes with 4 layers and each of the layers in the mattress has significant features and is of high quality.

  • Copper-infused foam: – The copper infused foam on the first layer is the most essential and beneficial layer that is responsive to both pressure and temperature. The layer provides rapid heat transfer that means memory foam absorbs the overheat of the body and dissipates it to the surroundings. It also provides deep compression support and is antimicrobial and of 3.5 lb density that gives med-soft comfort.
  • Convoluted Support foam: – The 1.8lb density of convoluted support foam provides deep convolutions and maximum airflow that keeps the mattresses refreshed and makes it durable for long lasting. The Layla mattress consists of 2” convoluted support foam. It is a support layer that can act on every pressure point on the body to get relief from pain.
  • Base support foam: – The base layer consisting of the base support foam that gives core support to all other layers and is of 2lb density. The base support foam is really efficient for providing a restful night.
  • Cover: – The thin and soft fiber cover has breathable pores that allow the airflow to the further layers and keeps the mattress refreshed. It also supports the alignment of the body by giving contour and bounce to the whole body.

Layla mattress in Black Friday

            Black Friday mattress sales are the best option to buy the Layla mattress as it is available at the lowest price that cannot be seen anywhere in any other seasons. The retail stores of the entire market want to sell the inventories for that year to buy brand new stock for upcoming years from the manufacturers.


You can go through online stores and may online websites that are mentioned on the official website of Black Friday and shop for the Layla mattress. You can also avail the free trial offer for Layla mattress for 101 days and it is proven that none of the mattresses for trial offer returns to the store again due to its incredible features and the affordable price that cannot be seen anywhere for such premium quality mattresses.

Layla mattress black friday sale is started with a bang. It is the time to grab the deals and save your money.